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Elite SHSAT Program


Success Story

Irfan Alam Stuy 21.jpg
" I've got 692 in SHSAT after I took Apian's 9th Grade SHSAT Prep Program."

Irfan A, Stuyvesant High School

The next SHSAT is around November 8th, 2024!



  1. Number Properties 

  2. Arithmetic: Ratio and Proportions

  3. Algebra I: Expressions and Equations

  4. Geometry and Solids

  5. Complex Geometry

  6. Data Interpretation, Statistics, and Probability 

  7. Decoding SHSAT Math 

  8. Strategy

English, Language, and Arts

  1. Reading Comprehension

  2. Poetry

  3. Grammar

Practice Test

  1. 8+ Practice Tests and Review

Delivering Package

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104+ Pack Highlight

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